Meet Purge, LLC Owners Trina Wilson and Tennille Petitt

Watch our conversation with Stacie Connor on In this video, we share how we started Purge, LLC, our approach to helping our clients, and our commitment to serving the Owings Mills community and surrounding areas.


Watch the full video for a behind-the-scenes look at decluttering and organizing Stacie’s craft room. Check out the before & after gallery here.

  • Introduction – The founders of Purge, LLC created the company in 2018 with a shared passion for decluttering and organization.
  • What makes Purge different from other professional organizer businesses? Our preparation strategy starts with prayer and order. We take pride in getting to know our clients on a personal level during consultations, and as a result, we offer little surprises during the reveal.
  • What do you enjoy the most when it comes to helping clients? We love the reactions from our clients after seeing their new orderly space. We like to see the expressions on their faces that show release, relief, and joy. We like when clients say regaining their space is empowering.
  • What is your design or organization style? Our style is the same. We can read each other well and our partnership is a gift from God. Our style is simple. We listen, execute, and deliver to fit every client’s need.
  • Building relationships with our clients – Clients are allowing us into their personal space, so it is necessary to build personal trust and keep everything confidential.
  • What was your most memorable transformation? After meeting with the client for an extended home consultation, we listened and learned that the client was having a very hard time letting go of memories. We prayed with the client, gained her trust, and assured her that we would transform her home while keeping her parent’s memory alive.
  • What is your favorite space to organize? Tennille’s favorite space to organize is the kitchen; it is where the soul is. Organizing the utensils, pots & pans gives you a sense of I want to cook and entertain. Trina’s favorite space to organize is the closet; loves to line up items and color coordinate.
  • What do you enjoy about servicing the Owings Mills community? We have clients in Owings Mills that live in senior communities. We love working with seniors. They welcome us with open arms and show us what life is like in their community. We enjoy building those relationships. We also volunteer in the Owings Mills community.
  • Tips to start organizing – It’s important not to become too overwhelmed when organizing. Begin by focusing on a single area. Set aside a manageable amount of time, such as an hour, to declutter. Take breaks in between to relax and then return to the task. Once you finish, you will feel accomplished and can move on to the next space.
  • How to pick the right type of container? First, sort and take an inventory of what needs to be stored away. You can do this by lining up or grouping the items, and taking measurements and pictures.
  • What else would you like to share about Purge, LLC? Our company is committed to helping out in the community. We provide donations and work with those in shelters. We enjoy connecting with people and listening to their stories. We often do activities such as creating vision boards with them as a reminder that their circumstances are not permanent. Additionally, we attend marketing events to promote our business.