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It's never too late to start saving time & money. We work with you to simplify the process of downsizing, decluttering and organizing.


What are you holding onto that makes life more complicated? Getting rid of clutter eliminates 40% of housework in an average home. Too much clutter creates distractions and is a roadblock to organizing. Get clutter-free today!


Is your office set up for you to maximize your efficiency? Is your business as productive as possible? We aim to save your business money and increase productivity by improving paper-filing, electronic organizational system.

Health & Wellness

Excess clutter takes a toll on your mind, body, and soul. We are independent contractors with TAVA Lifestyle; and with this partnership we offer detox dietary supplements to help you release, replenish, and recharge your energy. It is important to declutter those things within that no longer serve a purpose.

At Purge, LLC if it can be organized, then we can make it happen.

We love to help in these areas.

  • Kitchen cabinets,drawers,pantries
  • Clothing, Linen, and other storage.
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms, Family rooms, Dens
  • Kids & Teens Rooms
  • Basements,Garages,Attics,Sheds
  • Home offices/Household Management
  • Filing Systems & Household Paperwork
  • Electronic Files
  • Family Calendars & Activity Charts
  • Hobby, Craft, and Gift Wrapping areas
  • and much more…..

Simple Solutions

Easy to follow to tips to help you live productively

We'd love to work with you.

We've worked on a variety of projects with a wide range of clients, each with a unique problem set and perspective. Expect professional, compassionate and 100% confidential services from our team as we help you simplify your life.

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