Trina Ruffin a De-cluttering and Organizing Specialist and co-owner of Purge, LLC. She assumes roles as project lead, consultant, and professional organizer, among many other things. Organizing is one of her passions since she was a little girl and she enjoys organizing immensely. In addition to her passion for organizing, she adds a creative flare to her client’s homes in the art of decorating. Trina’s organizing techniques, and the knowledge to change any disorganized space into a functional space makes every client she interacts with feel at ease. She enjoys nothing more than to turn a cluttered environment into a beautiful new-found space. Trina is very dedicated to changing the lives of the clients she works with, by implementing realistic organizational systems.

Trina’s background in healthcare management gives her an organic grasp on even the most health-related benefits of Decluttering and Organizing, but her real passion comes from applying that knowledge to enable others to live a happy, fulfilling and purposeful life.