Tennille is the founder and co-owner of Purge, LLC. Tennille’s passion for decluttering and organizing began as a small child.  Being raised in a home as the eldest child of 2 young girls, she always took the lead in making sure she and her sister knew exactly what needed to be done and just how to execute their tasks in the most timely and efficient manner. Tennille took immense pride in helping to keep the home clean, organized, and functional. As she matured she began to help others to declutter and organize their space; giving them a fresh start at finding their purpose in life in a clutter-free environment. She also matriculated from the University of Phoenix receiving her Bachelors of Science in Business Management. This God-given talent for creating “harmony” in one’s space was the driving force behind her wanting to turn her talent into a business and the business into her mission. Tennille lives to inspire others one soul at a time.