Being disorganized can cost you. When our pantry and refrigerators are unorganized we are about to see food that may soon be expiring. This means there is a risk you are literally throwing food out the window or wasting money because you did not use the product that was soon expiring.

On average american household throw away $590.00 in meat, veggies and grain products annually, according to Food Production Daily.

Get organized to stop waste and save money. Starting with a thorough examination of your pantry and refrigerator.

  • Throw out any expired food. This will eliminate the risk of you or your family eating food that is past the expiration date and possibly getting sick.
  • Separate remaining items into categories. soups, condiments, boxed dinners and baking goods. Having a system in place will make it easier to continue to organize.
  • Assign specific areas of your pantry and refrigerator to these categories and group similar items together. Example, you can place soups in the same area as the canned vegetables, or you can place milk and OJ in the same area.
  • Place the ones closest to expiring in the front. This way there will be less waste as you will see what is close to expiring and choose to use that food product first, avoiding waste.
  • use clear storage boxes to keep fruits and veggies near eye level so you do not forget to use them. Across the globe fruits and veggies have the highest wastage rates of all food products, yet is high in protein, fiber, vitamin D and other things necessary for a healthy diet.
  • Organize your food. Move canned drinks, leftovers, lunch meats and cheeses to the crisper drawers to free up shelf space.
  • Condiment control. Any condiments that need refrigeration should be kept in the door storage with similar items. This makes it easy to find what you need and avoid buying unnecessary replacements.

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