Clutter doesn’t happen overnight. It is built up over time.

Imagine getting off from a busy day at work, picking up the kids, grabbing groceries and stopping at Chick-fil-A because the kids must have a chicken sandwich and milkshake. Whew, it was daunting just typing all of that. 

After that adventure it is so easy to come home, kick your shoes off at the door, throw your keys on the counter, toss today’s mail on the pile already covering what used to be your kitchen table and walk away with a full glass of wine.

While in another part of the house, your children are mirroring your actions. Tossing bags, books, and school clothing everywhere except the clothing hamper, closet and book shelf.

We have all “been there and done that”. Nothing is wrong with this in and of itself. It is when our small habits and small actions are consistent and repeated on a daily basis that we literally end up in a mess.

These small piles of clutter here and there, if not managed, will overwhelm the house and you. But alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel. If you want to get out from under the mess, we have 3 simple starter tips to help jump-start your clutter free journey.

  1. Simplify your life. Stop over-scheduling and over committing.
  2. Get organized. Create a structured plan instead of reacting to whatever comes.
  3. Create daily routines. Instill healthy habits into your daily life.

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